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Department of State -- Office of Global Women's Issues

Department of State -- Office of Global Women's Issues

"I [have been] a member of Kosovo Police since 1999 when the organization was established, just after the war was ended in Kosovo. I first started working as a patrolling officer, moving on through other police units as a crime investigation officer, community policing officer and forensic crime scene officer.

Being a woman police officer in many cases helped me to be closer to citizens and to get more information. Especially while I was working as a community policing officer, the contact I had with ordinary citizens, representatives of local committees and with school officials made a lot of women and young girls feel more comfortable [and] approach me to discuss, report, or raise problems they face.

There are little things that make the difference. My little thing is hard work and dedication.

There is no alternative to long term commitment to the path to peace, security, development and prosperity. The role of my job as Kosovo Police officer is very crucial in promoting justice, peace and security. As member of Kosovo Police I consider that we have to be very professional in our duty, to be committed to serve to our citizens by protecting their lives and property, to prevent and fight the criminal threats and criminal acts, by respecting and protecting the rights guaranteed to each citizen by the constitution and by treating all citizens equal and fair."

- Florie Hajra, Forensic Investigations Directorate, Kosovo